We promise to bring the best Software Engineer out of you.

Learn by experimenting and collaborating, pick an idea and shape it to reality.

Currently offering online courses in Node.js & Golang

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Build Real Softwares

Learn by building, breaking, fixing and experimenting with code and concepts in a team.

Unlike following a course, putting a lot of time into notes, at Knaxus we collaborate on building applications and learn on the go. Start with basic knowledge of programming and we take it from Zero to Production grade applications that you can host or showcase on your Resume.

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Experience an unique way of learning and growing together. Instead of focusing more on learnig and memorising, we start with the machine from the very first day.

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Plan about the application & ponder about what you will be building.


Develop the thought process and mindset of building an application from scratch with your group.


Connect the dots, pair up with different teams to build the application.


Time to showcase your end result to the world.